cow concentrate
suitable for dairy cattle (R2 ten)




  • This product is best suited for cows with an average or low milk production.
  • The most important role of concentrates is to provide nutrients for the cattle and to establish balance in cattle rations
  • Deficiencies and imbalance of nutrients creates issues for production and sanitation systems of farms.
  • As striking a balance between nutrients and even purchasing and providing them is both cumbersome and complex, Tabriz Rezvan Daneh company settled on gathering, properly mixing, and balancing out these nutrients in order to make the R2 ten concentrate, suggesting a formula of 100 kilograms per a ton of feed based on various farms’ average milk production.


  • Provides all necessary nutrients
  • Decreases the chances of contracting metabolic deceases and increases the effective lifespan of the cattle
  • Improves the quality of the produced milk
  • Reduces the production costs
  • Subsides human and mixing errors.


Baking soda, calcium carbonate, phosphate de calcium, vitamin supplement, mineral supplement, magnesium oxide, salt, fungicide, soy bean oil, wheat bran, and other standard additives.

Usage amount:

۱۰۰ kilograms per a ton of feed

Time of use: 

Up to 3 months after production.


Keep in dry places under 25 degrees of Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on pallets in 4 rows.

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