cow feed
suitable for beef cattle Starter R1




  • This product is specially made for newborn calves, which are the pillars of stockmanship and are extremely important and imperative to manage well. Since the weaning time and proper diet play a vital role in their rapid growth and resistance against deceases, this feed has been produced by analyzing the dietetic needs of newborn calves, and contains all the necessary nutrients. Thus, one can claim that it is one of the best replacements for mother milk, as evident by its superiority in comparison with similar products in the market, and the satisfactory view of our customers.


  • Rapid growth
  • High efficiency
  • Faster development of rumen
  • Fortifies cattle immunity
  • Quicker arrival of weaning period
  • Prevents diarrhea
  • Contains probiotics

Usage amount:

  • It should be provided freely for 4–۵-day-old calves.
  • Under normal conditions and in suitable environments, calves should reach two-times their birth weights in 60 days by consuming this feed.
  • Start by feeding 50-100 grams and go from there.

Time of use: 

Up to 3 months after production.


Keep in dry places under 25 degrees of Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on pallets in 4 rows.

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