cow feed
suitable for beef cattle Starter R2




  • this product is suitable for 2–۵-month-old calves.
  • The development and growth management of calves after two months necessitates a complementary concentrate for Starter R1 to hold back the aftereffects of protein and energy drops which causes issues for the growth and rumen.
  • The Starter R2 concentrate caters for the dietetic requirements of 2-month-old and older claves. It should be mixed with R1 and used for 7-19 days before cutting down R1, and can be used for 5-month-old claves.
  • By using R2 concentrate, one can claim that the claves will grow into healthy and resilient cattle with maximum production capacities that have been brought up using up-to-date feeding methods.


  • Rapid growth
  • High efficiency
  • Reduction of the chances of contracting metabolic deceases
  • Fortifies cattle immunity

Usage amount:

  • It should be provided freely for 4–۵-day-old calves.
  • Under normal conditions and in suitable environments, calves should reach two-times their birth weights in 60 days by consuming this feed.
  • Start by feeding 50-100 grams and go from there.

Time of use: 

Up to 3 months after production.


Keep in dry places under 25 degrees of Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on pallets in 4 rows.

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