Dairy cattle vitamin supplement
suitable for R2


۲۵ kg


Contains biotin and monensin


  • Reprovisions all mineral vitamin necessities of cattle
  • Boosts the digestibility of rations
  • Enhances the efficiency of feed consumption
  • Increases the proficiency of energy and protein usage
  • Enriches the milk production, reduces breast swells
  • Improves the reproduction capabilities and reinforces cattle’s immune system
  • Cuts down the chances of contracting metabolic and organ deceases.
  • Lowers staggering and strengthens the health
  • Decreases child abortion and pair stalls

Usage amount:

۱۵۰ grams for each animal.

Time of use: 

Up to 3 months after production.


Keep in dry places under 25 degrees of Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on pallets in 4 rows.

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