Mineral Supplements
Primix Vitamin AD3E

Weight:  ۱۰ kg Usage amount: Prevention: ۰.۵ or 1 kilogram per a ton of feed. Cure: dependent on the severity of signs based on the vet or dietary specialist prescription Timeof use:  Up to 6 months after production. Maintenance: Keep the temperature below 30 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight on the 4 rows […]

Special Mineral Supplement
Meat Turkey In The Initial Stage

Consumption: It is continuously used in the daily diet to supply the required vitamins and minerals. 2.5 kg vitamin supplement + 2.5 kg mineral supplement per ton of feed Usage time: Up to 6 months after production Maintenance: Store in a dry place, temperature lower than 25 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on […]

Sheep feed
suitable for beef sheep( Lamb Starter)

Weight:  ۲۵kg Explicatons:  This product is specially made for newborn lambs. Newborn lambs can be considered as the pillars of stockmanship and are extremely important and imperative to manage well. The weaning time and proper diet play a vital role in their rapid growth and resistance against deceases. This feed has been produced by analyzing […]

Super Starter Food
Broiler Special

The super starter chicken feed of Rezvan Daneh Tabriz company is adjusted with precise formulation based on the nutritional needs of the complete chicken. All vitamins are coated and from European brands and all minerals are feed grade.