Mineral Supplements
Primix Vitamin B complex


۱۰ kg


  • Group B vitamins are all dissolved in water, and are of the most important factors for cell activity and metabolism. They are stored in measly amount in body and are expelled quickly from body. Thus, they should be supplied daily via feeds and other edible materials.
  • Deficiency signs: growth stagnation and low egg production, psoriasis, wounds and skin issues, feather-growth issues, increase in fatalities, amenia, fatty liver and kidneys, low rate of hatching, twisted claw paralysis, and gazing decease.

Usage amount:

Prevention: ۰.۵-۱ kilogram per a ton of feed.

Cure: dependent on the severity of signs based on the vet or dietary specialist prescription.

Timeof use: 

Up to 13 months after production.


Keep the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight on the 4 rows palette.

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