Sheep feed
suitable for beef sheep( Lamb Starter)




  • This product is specially made for newborn lambs.
  • Newborn lambs can be considered as the pillars of stockmanship and are extremely important and imperative to manage well.
  • The weaning time and proper diet play a vital role in their rapid growth and resistance against deceases.
  • This feed has been produced by analyzing the dietetic needs of newborn lambs, and contains all the necessary nutrients


  • Rapid growth
  • High efficiency
  • Fortifies cattle immunity
  • Quicker arrival of weaning period

Usage amount:

  • It should be provided freely for 4–۵-day-old lambs.
  • Under normal conditions and in suitable environments, lambs should reach two-times their birth weights in at most 3-4 months after their birth by consuming this feed.
  • Start by feeding 20-30 grams and go from there.

Time of use: 

Up to 3 months after production.


Keep in dry places under 25 degrees of Celsius, away from direct sunlight and on pallets in 4 rows.

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