Rezvan Daneh QC Lab.

Quality Control Laboratory

Followings are some of the capabilities of the poultry and livestock feed quality control laboratory of Rezavn Daneh company:

  • Measurement of the purity percentage of minerals
  • Measurement of fats
  • Measurement of crude proteins
  • Measurement of fibers
  • Measurement of the moisture
  • Measurement of TVN
  • Calcium measurement
  • Crude phosphorus measurement
  • Measurement of ash

The quality control laboratory of Rezvan Daneh company began its work in 1385 using up-to- date equipment.
The mentioned laboratory is quite cable in the measurement of parameters such as the percentage of moisture, crude protein, fats, digestible protein, crude fibers, TVN, calcium, total phosphorus, total ash, peroxide amount, buffer capacity, and purity of minerals.
All of the tests regarding the measurement of the quality of ingredients and products are carried out as fast and precisely as possible, with all the tests done according to the latest standards in measurement and testing fields.
Also, all of the ingredients utilized in the measurements and the tests are top grade (Mojallali, Carlo-Erba, Merck, Chem-Lab), carried out by high-tech and up-to-date equipment in order to marginalize any errors in the testing process.
Finally, all livestock and poultry feed products of Rezvan Daneh are sampled according to the standards of sampling, and then delivered to the quality control laboratory so that further tests of quality are carried out.